Fleet management

Monitor fleet operations with accuracy. System Will ensure efficiency and increased revenue.

Vehicle tracking

  • Real-Time tracking
  • Logbook on app and web app
  • Send real-time alerts to driver

Vehicle and Driver management

  • Easy Assignment Drivers to vehicles
  • Optimized planning
  • Traffic and route planning

Vehicle expense management

  • Fuel expense management
  • Vehicle service expense management
  • Tolls/taxes/Salaries management and more


  • Create geo fences based on region
  • Create geo fences based on routes
  • Alerts on violation of boundaries

Driver profiling and vehicle dashboard

  • Telematics based driver scoring
  • Alerts on threshold violations on driving parameters
  • 360 Degree view on dashboard of vehicle and driver
  • Customize and use reports

Integration with dealerships and workshops

  • Tie ups with Roadside assistance providers
  • Dealer and service connect and optimize maintenance
  • Easy expense management and vehicle history


Accurate Real-time tracking
Better Fuel management
Improved driving behavior
Workforce productivity and efficiency
Interactive dashboards and reports
Customize on top of your business applications.