School Vehicle tracking system

Bus tracking

  • Real-Time tracking
  • Logbook on app and web app
  • Send real-time alerts to driver

Instant Notification to parents

  • Instant information on pickup and drop ETAs
  • Alerts on change of routes
  • Admin Alerts for violating notifications

Vehicle expense management

  • Alert boarding and de boarding of bus using RFID Tags on students
  • Instant notification on unplanned de boarding

Admin Route planner

  • Assign Drivers to vehicles
  • Assign Student to vehicle
  • Automatic Attendance register

Statistics on Vehicle and Drivers

  • Provide Parents with vehicle and driver statistics
  • Provide Admin on driver behavior
  • Information about the vehicle’s on-road time, route deviations, delays & driver summary.


  • Create geo fences based on region/routes
  • Alerts for violations


Optimal Utilization of resources (Vehicles/drivers)
Highly time & cost Effective
Ensure child Safety
Organize and improve productivity of school Fleet
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