30 Jan 2018

What is Fleet Management?

Fleet management is the administration of the fleet i.e. work vehicles owned by a company, to optimize costs, risks and improve efficiency in fleet operations. Specific use cases for a fleet are: company that owns RSA vehicles, field force, etc.

Functions and Features:

CarbookPlus fleet management solution offers a single, user-friendly platform for the administration of all the fleet operations, giving an overview to the owner – of all the vehicles and drivers – routes and timings, complete with real-time alerts and analytics for intelligent decision-making. A Fleet Owner/Manager can:

  • Add/edit vehicle details directly from the portal.
  • Add/edit driver details.
  • Assign drivers to vehicles – optimize planning
  • Track vehicles and maintain logbooks
  • Define Geo-fences – and receive alerts on violations
  • Manage vehicle expenses – fuel, servicing, others
  • View analytics and driver behavior on the dashboard
  • Integrate with vehicle dealers and workshops


CarbookPlus: A complete vehicle solution

CarbookPlus is an innovative, cloud based, telematics platform to track and monitor vehicles, drivers and driving practices conceptualized by WidasConcepts, a global IT consulting and services company.

Our goal is to establish an independent, community platform that brings together vast amounts of data from drivers and vehicle owners. To derive new knowledge for every possible service, that spells advantage for all – be it drivers, vehicle owners, fleet managers, dealers, insurances.

Customizable Solution for the Fleet Owner

The CarbookPlus Fleet Management Software is built using cloud and Big Data technologies, to provide a foundation, that can be customized as per the unique requirements of each Fleet Business. Fleet owners can track their vehicles in near real-time with onboard devices and their mobile phones. Our OBD Devices transmit data over GPRS to the cloud from which our servers generate detailed information about the running status of the vehicle and provide daily monthly and weekly statistics. And an overall diagram explaining how the communication cloud/GPS/ vehicle/fleet owner – in the picture.


  • Socket connection is established between the fleet portal and the server which provides live tracking in near real-time.
  • Dashboard is custom made using a custom in-house framework which is light and runs on all modern browsers and is supported by smaller form factor devices like tablets and iPad.

How it works:

  • OBD sends data from the vehicle. Data includes vehicle location, speed, engine info, fuel info, vehicle health info.
  • Data is read by the server and is segregated and stored to retrieve at a later point.
  • Stored data can be used to generate various types of reports to increase fleet utilization and optimize cost.

Why CarbookPlus Fleet solution?

With the automotive and market changing rapidly, it is vital for managers to embrace innovative solutions to stay competitive. The solutions fleet managers need, today, must incorporate vehicle technology, connected car technology, big data, and cloud technologies. Not just any solution has the intelligent combination of features to succeed in this space.

If you are a fleet manager looking for a custom solution CarbookPlus invites you to consider our technology solution. We have the expertise to develop your custom fleet management platform. Why not contact us today for a no-cost consultation?